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Nice to meet you! I'm Whitney ⛰️

Thanks for learning more about me :)

🌻  About Me

I'm a product designer and premed student at UCLA passionate about exploring how design, tech, and community health can be used to redesign healthcare to be more empathetic, human-centered, and equitable.

👩🏻‍💻  What am I up to?

In the healthcare space, you can find me doing clinical human factors research at Stanford Medicine, working with patients at UCLA Health through social case working, or talking about my love for public health.

In the design and tech space, you can find me doing design sprints and UI/UX design work for a variety of projects ranging from a healthcare tech platform to rate your healthcare providers to an app that connects survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence.

Learn more about my current experiences 
here or view my resume here.
Since 10 years old, my favorite hobby has always been sewing! I've sewed everything under the sun, from goldfish stuffed animals, to my own prom dress, to even more avant-garde projects. There is something so magical about turning 2D yards of fabric into 3D forms of your wildest dreams. Sewing was my first step into the world of design, and I instantly fell in love. Through sewing and design, I've learned my most important life skills, including empathy, innovation, and creativity. During high school, I interned at Equalize Health, a medtech nonprofit startup that was creating low-cost but high-quality medical devices for the third world. Additionally, I was accepted into the Stanford Clinical Science, Technology, and Medicine Internship.

Both of these experiences introduced me to the powerful intersection of healthcare and design, where collaborating with patients and empathetic design could lead to beautiful creative technical solutions that had the potential to impact millions of people worldwide. Learning about the process of design thinking and seeing the prototypes I designed in action completely blew my mind, and I fell in love. Most importantly, I also fell in love with the design thinking process as it centers voices and communities that are often marginalized. After these experiences, my interest in design shifted from sewing and physical design to UI/UX design.

I'm a student at UCLA studying Human Biology & Society with a minor in Asian American Studies. Inside and outside of class, I work to integrate my passion for healthcare and design into everything I do, from my research, to volunteer caseworking with patients at UCLA health, to even doing product design for nonprofits and startups. 

In the future, I hope to become a physician that empowers patients and designs innovative solutions to remove barriers to healthcare access, specifically for the AAPI community. I believe that community-centered and empathetically designed solutions are the future of public health and healthcare as a whole. 

If you're premed, why design?


Fun Facts

4th generation Filipina Chinese American AND San Franciscan! 🌁 ​​
Ask me about my top 3 favorite brunch spots and viewpoints in the city
Storytelling + Documentary Enthusiast! 🎥 
I've watched 60+ documentaries and counting
Romance book lover! 📚
My ideal afternoon includes a good book and picnicking in the sunshine
Always attempting a sewing project! ✂️
My latest project involved making a top out of a trader joe's canvas bag for halloween
My greatest fun fact of all time is that my parents named me after Mt. Whitney ⛰️ -- the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States, standing at 14,505 ft. While I'm not quite that tall, here are a few things that I think help me measure up to my name. After all, you are what you love:
Floormates @ UCLA 🐻
My wonderful research mentor! ❤️
The Empower Health Team! 💻
Nova, Tech for Good Familly 🌟
Product Space Fellows 💻
Summer Family @ Stanford 🌲
The support of my dog, Maisie 🐕
My Wonderful Family 🏆
SCOPE Patient Health Advocates 📝
Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 2.16.11 PM.png
Asian American
Studies Department
@ UCLA 💪

Let's connect!

💌 - whitneychan [at]

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