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UCLA Health Blood & Platelet Center


UI/UX Designer

March 2022 - Present

Web App

1 Product Manager,
5 Full Stack Developers, 2 UI/UX Designers

Product Development, User Interviews, End to End
🗣️ Introduction
The UCLA Blood and Platelet Center (BPC) web app is an internal tool used to organize UCLA club blood drives; track, store, and present past blood drive data; and create a rewards system for blood donations.

This is a current project spearheaded by
Nova, Tech for Good – a UCLA based organization that works alongside nonprofits and disadvantaged communities to create and deliver high-impact technical solutions. I’ve been a UI/UX designer with Nova since 2021, and this is the second project I’ve been involved in!
🌱 Background
According to UCLA Blood and Platelet Center staff, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdown of the UCLA campus, there has been a steep decline in the number of blood donations from the UCLA community. Nationwide, many medical centers are also experiencing blood shortages.

Internally, the BPC staff members faced many difficulties in their workflow, specifically in organizing and tracking club drives. Prior to Nova’s internal tool, club blood drives were organized through post-it notes, email threads, and a qualtrics form. Staff members often had to mentally remember the different dates and accommodations for each organized blood drive. Additionally, clubs would ask for past donation data (for example, how many people donated at the drive last year), which required staff members to delve into old spreadsheets and patient portals – a time-consuming task.
🔎 How Might We
How might we create a user-centered streamlined process for organizing a club blood drive as well as ease and improve the administrative workflow for the hardworking UCLA Blood and Platelet Center staff?
⭐ Streamlined ! Functionality ! Gamification ! and other Design Goals
We addressed the BPC staff member’s pain points through three facets:
Frame 438.png
🌊 Design Flow
Before designing, we discussed the flow in depth with the BPC staff to ensure our internal tool met their needs
Portfolio Playground - Page 4.png
Other aspects we took into consideration before designing:

1) HIPPA Compliance

Since this is an internal tool used by staff members by UCLA Health and accessed by UCLA students, we had to ensure that no patient health information would be stored on the dashboard.

2) Smaller Features That Make Life Easier

This includes smaller quirks that staff members have noticed throughout their current flow. Examples include entering a personal secondary email in case a club email isn't checked frequently and asking clubs on the sign-up form if they would like a blood drive presentation for their members
🔨 Wireframes
These are some of our current wireframes for our MVP, which is shipping in April 2023:
Club Member Dashboard:
BPC Club Default Page.png
Club Dashboard Home Page
BPC Club Drive Sign Up.png
Club Blood Drive Sign Up
Admin Dashboard:
BPC Admin Dashboard.png
🔮 Future Implementations
This project is currently ongoing, with the web app aiming to be shipped by mid-April 2023. Looking forward, although the staff members asked for a very simple internal tool, we are looking to do a:

1) UI redesign with more color, shape, and font elements

2) Ideate creative solutions on how to further increase the gamification factor of blood donations.
💌 Personal Reflection
My passion lies in the intersection of healthcare and design, especially when it can alleviate healthcare staff burnout and increase the quality of care. I am so grateful to work on a project that completely aligns with my interests.

Also, infinite thanks to the amazing Nova team! I am so lucky to work on a project I am incredibly passionate about with my best friends!
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